Medical Schools Offering Cooking Classes To Future Doctors

Culinary arts will now join epidemiology, cardiology, optometry and oncology as one of the classes that doctors will be taking at some point in their medical education. According to Treehugger. Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans is the latest medical school to add cooking classes to its curriculum as a way to encourage study in nutrition and the benefits of a healthy diet.

The class was created by Timothy Harlan, M.D., a professor at the university who proposed that doctors talk with their patients about nutrition. He found that many medical professionals did not know how to communicate the benefits of healthy diets.

In addition to doctors, the class is also offered to chefs who want to focus on creating healthy dishes for their customers. Culinary students at Johnson & Wales University are offered the option of taking the course.

"It's odd to me that chefs often neglect nutrition education as part of their training," Todd Seyfarth, chair of Johnson & Wales' department of culinary nutrition, told Bon Appetit Magazine. "A chef who masters healthy cooking can deliver enjoyment to customers, and at the same time nourish their bodies."

The school recommends that cooks who would like to provide more nutrition in their meals focus on measuring out cooking oil rather than simply pouring it in the pan. They also recommend using acidic foods such as lemon juice to bring out flavors, rather than relying purely on salt. Adhering to these tips ensures that your meals will more healthful and flavorful at the same time!

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