NASA’s Air Pollution Remover Now Available For Consumers

The International Space Station (IIS) has seen a long list of technological innovations on board for experimentation, and according to Treehugger, a green consumer media source, one of these products may be coming to American store shelves in the near future.

Known as Airocide, this device is used to clear out any potentially threatening organic materials, including mold spores and pollen. It has been in use on the IIS for several years, but after a good deal of internal debate and advocacy from green nonprofit organizations, NASA will be releasing it for general use sometime this year.

Gizmag, an online consumer tech source, reported earlier this month that the Airocide could have a dramatic effect on home environment pollution. While a single unit isn't exactly cheap – the device goes for $799 with an additional $99 for each replaceable filter – the health benefits are worth investigating, experts say.

"Airocide purifiers have actually been in use in places such as grocery stores and food-packing plants since 1998, and were introduced to medical settings such as hospitals in 2003. Now they're finding their way into the home for the first time," the publication stated. 

According to the official website for the Airocide, the beginnings of the product date back to the troubled Apollo 13 mission in the 1960s, when onboard astronauts were forced to improvise an air filtration device. The lack of a comprehensive system led to the development of new methods for clearing the air of harmful pollutants.

You can order an Airocide by clicking here and following the instructions. There are similar products available on the internet, and a little bit of research can provide additional services as well. 

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