New electric tricycle meant for surfers, snowboarders and energy-conscious travelers

A new product from Black Sparrow Industries, a design firm out of Rhode Island, seeks to make a huge, one-of-a-kind splash in the electric vehicle market with its Tribey electric bike, a three-wheeled contraption that can be best described as a powered stand-up tricycle.

The design aims to hit a wide audience, between extreme sport enthusiasts and everyday riders looking for a way to move quickly and cut down on gas consumption. It's roughly 78 inches long, 30 inches wide and weighs a total of 90 pounds including wheels and engine parts. The bike is powered by a 40-volt battery and a one-kilowat wheel motor, the latter of which was designed by Golden Motor, a company that provides kits to transform normal bikes into electric vehicles. The components, including storage racks, larger engine types and strong power sources,  were made to be interchangable and upgradable.

In terms of performance, a lot depends on whether or not the rider is standing or is seated in a recumbent, or lying back, position. According to Black Sparrow Industries, the Tribey has a top speed of 25 miles per hour with a battery life distance of approximately 18 miles, though this can change depending on the energy conservation efforts of the operator and the terrain he or she takes the ride on.

This new vehicle may be the perfect choice for those looking to combine a low-impact transportation method with a recreational outlet. People living in urban areas that include lots of public biking space could also find a use for the Tribey, as it's built to withstand a considerable amount of punishment but consumes a relatively little amount of energy. While the vehicle's $2,500 price tag is sure to be prohibitive to some, compared to the price of a regular car this piece of green tech may be worthwhile.

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