New ergonomic desk chairs are also eco-friendly

By investing in a desk chair that improves posture and prevents waste, employees can incorporate green living ideas into their offices.

Many Americans spend the majority of their work life sitting in front of a computer, and that practice continues on for several at home. By investing in a desk chair that has the dual benefits of improving posture and preventing waste, employees can incorporate green living ideas into their offices.

Recently, the Mother Nature Network published a list of five desk chair models that are as environmentally beneficial as they are ergonomically sound.

The first chair featured is Embody by the furniture company Herman Miller. Designed specifically for creative professionals who spend long hours behind a desk, the chair was branded the world's "First Health-Positive Chair." And while the Embody itself adjusts to the sitter's movements, manufacturer is well known for its green practices.

Next is the Life task chair from Knoll. This option provides lumbar, pelvic and shoulder support, and is certified by the Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability. Life chairs are even built in a wind-powered facility, the source reports.

Another comfortable and environmentally friendly product is the Diffrient World chair by Humanscale Healthcare. This is another mesh-based chair that provides lumbar support, and is also made of 97 percent recyclable content.

The Leap chair by Steelcase also boasts impressive stats in that arena. This item is made from 30 percent reused material, and is 98 percent recyclable itself. It also has a "slouch-reducing, productivity-boosting" design based on four years of research into sitting patterns.

Finally, the Zoe chair by Haworth was endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association for its body-friendly design. It also received a gold certification from the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute for "its high levels of recyclable and recycled materials," the media outlet states.

For consumers looking for ways to lessen the negative impact of their daily activities on the environment, purchasing in an eco-friendly office chair could be the first step toward green living.

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