New social network launched for green-minded individuals

In a bid to help eco-friendly people connect more freely, a fledgling social network known as Ozoshare has officially launched as of August 7. The eponymous company behind the venture, founded in 2011, announced the major features of its website, including some that Facebook users may find familiar.

The primary goal of the website, according to its founders, is to help green companies connect and pool resources more efficiently. The social network allows these groups or individuals to exchange messages, announce events and make partnerships that could have an impact in the green industry.

"Ozoshare is the ideal combination of both [mass communication and health awareness], it is one step ahead and is the vehicle where people and companies participating in the green world share and connect with others in an interactive, member-driven social media platform," Thomas Smith, one of the executives of the new social network, said in a press release. "It's the first social network of its kind for green community members at every level and category from personal interests to technologies and organizations."

One of the features of the new site is "The Buzz," a function similar to Facebook's News Feed but, in this case, it serves as an ongoing conversation about topics ranging from renewable energy developments to green living tips. Ozoshare also has a network in place for eco-conscious businesses to post advertisements and news updates.

The website's creators, being conscious of the risk of automated accounts flooding the channels with junk posts, have strived to create a private, user-approved system to keep out unwelcome visitors. Participants can opt to "partner" with specific people, thereby ensuring that their information is secure.

Those who want to jump head-first into the ever-changing green community should definitely check out this up-and-coming social network.

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