New study shows human effect on ocean warming

For the most part, global warming detractors aren't denying that climate patterns are changing. Most simply argue that the causes of those changes are yet to be determined. Why commit to renewable energy initiatives when they're not entirely certain that human energy consumption is to blame for the current climate?

But now, a report has been published that establishes the impact that human actions are having on global temperatures – but this latest study concerns the changes taking place underwater.

Research from the United States, Australia, Japan and India have put together a report that analyzes the causes and effects of rising upper-ocean temperatures. Titled "Human-Induced Global Ocean Warming On Multidecadal Timescales," the study shows that the ocean has warmed significantly over the last 50 years.

According to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which released the research, that increase is only consistent with climate models that factored in the effects of greenhouse gases. The researchers used multiple models and performed several tests to establish whether or not "natural variability" in climate could have caused the changes in oceanic temperature.

However, their findings produced no evidence supporting the possibility that organic shifts in weather patterns could account for the alteration. Based on that fact, the scientists concluded that an external factor – namely, human action – was also playing a significant part in the heating process. 

Though the source states that this is not the first report to link human activity with ocean warming, the use of a "multi-model setup" to simulate the various elements that influence climate patterns and the clear cut conclusion that, yes, human actions are impacting these trends could make it a useful tool to convince skeptics to use green technology.

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