New technology prevents excess energy consumption in idling vehicles

Start-Stop systems automatically turn a vehicle’s engine off while idling and back on again when the brake is released.

When a regular vehicle comes to a stop, it idles and consequently wastes a lot of fuel. Manually turning the automobile off and back on again takes a lot of time and uses a bit of gas as well. There's an innovative technology called Start-Stop that's being integrated into new cars that solves this problem.

The technology automatically turns a vehicle's engine off while it's idling, and when the driver releases the brake pedal or presses down on the clutch, the system turns the motor back on, according to a press release.

MaryAnn Wright, vice president of Global Technology and Innovation at Johnson Controls Power Solutions, the company that introduced Start-Stop, said that there needs to be a change in the way people think about clean technology solutions in the auto industry.

"Clean technology isn't just about electric vehicles," Wright explained in a statement. "It's about implementing proven technology that large numbers of consumers are willing to purchase. Our research indicates that near-term mass commercialization of more fuel efficient vehicles will come from the traditional gas engine, led by Start-Stop, and will be followed in the long-term by broader adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles as they become more proven and affordable."

Not surprisingly, the results of a recent study conducted by the company revealed that 97 percent of the 1,200 survey respondents want to use Start-Stop in their own automobiles, according to the release. Most said that this was because they wanted to save money on fuel, while a majority of the participants indicated that it was because the technology "just makes sense."

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