New York City prepares to build its first prefabricated tower

In December of this year, the ground will be broken on an Atlantic Yards apartment tower, but according to New York City officials and the Wall Street Journal, this is no ordinary residential building. Rather, it will be the tallest prefabricated structure in the continental United States.

For those unfamiliar with the construction method, prefabricated buildings, also known as prefabs, involve creating components in a separate facility and then putting them together at the work site. In this case, the pieces of the planned Atlantic Yards tower will be initially built at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Forest City Ratner, a metro-based architectural firm, will be handling the project. A report in The New York Times published on November 27 stated that the initiative will eventually produce 15 different structures, one of which will be in excess of 50 stories. The total price tag is roughly $5 billion, and although no completion date has been announced, one can expect the project to take between five and seven years to complete. According to the Times, Forest City Ratner's main goal is to perfect the modular construction process to enable them to speed up delivery times.

Speaking to the source, MaryAnn Gilmartin, the executive director for the architectural firm, said that the planned residential complex is the first move in a long-term growth strategy for the company. Additionally, the Atlantic Yards process allows them to demonstrate the merit of a product that is both cost-effective and appealing to potential residents of different economic backgrounds.

"This is more than innovation," said MaryAnne Gilmartin, executive vice president of Forest City Ratner. "We've cracked a code that will allow us to utilize cutting-edge technology to introduce greater affordability, more sustainability and world-class architecture."

With the groundbreaking ceremony set for sometime in December, you should keep an eye on the Atlantic Yards site in Brooklyn. You may catch a glimpse of a game-changing project for the prefabricated construction industry.

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