Novel water cleansing system avoids chemicals during Hurricane Sandy recovery

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, New York City residents and officials have struggled to deal with the large amount of water that has been contaminated with oil, sewage, trash and other pollutants. Thankfully, a number of private companies have stepped in with their own solutions, including Advanced Waste and Water Technology (AWWT), a firm based in New York.

The company possesses a bit of technology that allows it to treat water without exposing it to potentially harmful chemicals. Known as ElectroCleanse, the process AWWT utilizes is known as "electrocoagulation." In simpler terms, it causes heavier elements to clump together that then allow cleaning specialists to remove them.

While traditional methods often result in water that has to be treated again several times, ElectroCleanse helps those professionals avoid repetitive draining and filtering sequences that rely on chemicals. Unfortunately, the process does not produce drinkable water. Instead, it cuts down the amount of time necessary to decontaminate the liquids, enabling treatment plants to purify water faster and get it to consumers who need it.

"The devastation of Hurricane Sandy continues to impact our communities in the Tri-State area," Patricia Els, President of AWWT. "Our on-site system eliminates the need for municipalities to temporarily store this contaminated water. We treat it at or close to its collection point to expedite cleanup and reduce the chance of further contamination."

Moving forward, AWWT's efforts will enable New York residents to access potable water during a time when they need it most. This kind of technology will certainly continue to be utilized, and in the event that another hurricane causes a similar amount of damage, companies like AWWT will be ready to help.

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