Ohio State University To Utilize Wind Power To Fuel Campus Activities

Hoping to bring down its utility costs by a significant margin, Ohio State University will be drawing energy a large-scale wind turbine facility in the Buckeye State to power its campus. Officials from the school stated in a press release that they expect to reap nearly $1 million in annual savings.

OSU will purchase 50 megawatts of electricity each year from the Blue Creek Wind Farm, which according to the Toledo Blade, a regional newspaper, is Ohio’s largest commercial wind-based power facility. Approximately 152 turbines are utilized to generate the energy, the source reported. Additionally, the new deal will help the school achieve its goal of becoming completely carbon-neutral before the end of the decade.

“Together, we will make Ohio State a national leader in sustainability, while investing in renewable energy produced right here in Ohio,” OSU President Gordon Gee was quoted as saying by the university. 

The announcement is part of a comprehensive plan to improve the school’s renewable energy portfolio, with a particular focus on the efforts of graduate students to advance existing technology. For example, Jose Castro, a professor of mechanical engineering at OSU, is leading a team of researchers, students and private companies to develop turbine blades that are both more durable and capable of generating more electricity. Castro told the Blade that these initiatives are necessary to both reduce the region’s dependence on oil and lower the environmental impact of energy production.

These developments are set to continue as, according to a press statement from OSU’s head energy advisor, Scott Potter, the university is the only school in the United States that is currently undertaking such a diverse, wind-based approach to electricity production. This example could lead to more institutions utilizing renewable energy technology as a viable source of power. 


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