Portland, Oregon set to install novel hydroelectric production

A new type of energy-producing technology is going to be unveiled during 2013 in Portland, Oregon. According to various news sources, a hydroelectric gravitational turbine will be installed in a piece of piping in that community and will provide power to an estimated 150 households once its fully operational.

Portland-based Lucid Energy, the company behind the project, bills the system as a "vertical-axis spherical turbine" on its official website. In layman's terms, it's a power-generating framework that relies on the downward flow of water to push a turbine mechanism. With liquid rushing through the turbine, the rotation speed is high enough to create electricity.

Lucid developed the technology over a number of years. The last initiative was conducted in January, representing the fourth round of prototypes that utilized real-world scenarios to test efficiency and production levels. Local leaders and officials were reportedly impressed by the results during demonstrations. Speaking with Sustainable Life, an Oregon green living publication, Portland Water Bureau chief engineer Michael Stuhr praised the project.

"Where we can employ them, it makes sense to do so," Stuhr told the source. "From an engineering point of view, they are an elegant piece of machinery, and I think pretty trustworthy."

According to Sustainable Life, Lucid has been investigating deals in other cities, though there is some resistance to this particular form of hydroelectric power. An official from the Oregon Global Warming Commission, a state investigative body, was quoted by the source as saying that this "niche" technology has not fully proven its worth in terms of economic results.

For now, green energy advocates will have to wait to see if Lucid's gravitational water turbine will exceed expectations. With luck, this device will one day be installed in communities throughout America and abroad to help those towns and cities find savings wherever possible.

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