Portland Planning Dense Communities

Portland has experienced considerable growth in the last decade, and as a result city planners are trying to spur development that encourages new residents to live in denser communities. Such neighborhoods are seen to be more conducive to green living, as they require fewer resources and reduce the need for automobile usage.

One notable example is the Hassalo on Eighth development, which will incorporate 657 apartments and 58,000 square feet of retail space within a relatively small, dense area. Rather than devoting acres of land to parking, the community will be a walkable, more dynamic neighborhood where people can find all their needs within a short distance.

EarthTechling reports that all of the buildings constructed a Hassalo on Eighth will be LEED-certified Platium, the highest energy efficiency rating under the LEED program.

"There is a gap in the urban grid of this neighborhood where mid-century planning principals called for surface parking lots in lieu of dense, walkable communities," co-developers GBD Architects explained on their website. "We are repairing this urban fabric by introducing mixed-use, dense development that creates a 24-hour neighborhood."

The structures at the development will be equipped with several innovative green technologies and efficiency measures. GBD notes that apartment buildings will recycle and re-use all of their water rather than having it sent to sewers.

One of the keys to getting people out of their cars and into walkable neighborhoods is removing barriers to the development of such communities. Portland, along with other cities including San Francisco and Seattle, are slowly but surely moving in that direction.

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