Radfan Wins First Annual EarthHack Competition

Radfan, a UK startup that has developed a fan for radiators to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, has won the first annual EarthHack, a competition that pits teams of designers against each other to develop products that fight climate change. The makers of the Radfan, which sits atop any heating radiator and redirects hot air into the room rather than to the ceiling, will receive a $15,000 prize and have the chance for their invention to be developed into a product to be sold by Ikea or Philips.

The device only costs $3 a year to run continuously, and raises the temperature of a room 2 degrees Celsius without the occupant having to raise the thermostat. Radfan estimated that if it were widely adopted, the product could limit carbon emissions by as much as a million metric tons per year. It could also save homeowners 20 percent on their energy bills.

One of the criteria for the EarthHack competition was that entries needed to be scalable. A product that limits energy use is great, but if it can't be easily commercialized, it will hardly have much of an impact on climate change and CO2 emissions. The Radfan was designed with mass production in mind.

"We're thrilled to have won the Marblar EarthHack competition," Radfan's co-founder Simon Barker told The Climate Group. "We're really excited to demonstrate how the Radfan can help home owners to feel warmer and save energy around the world."

Hopefully, one day soon you'll be shopping at Ikea and you'll be able to pick up a Radfan for your own home.

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