Renewable energy investments top $1 trillion dollars

While the fight against Big Oil rages on in the halls of Congress, consumers and the private sector as a whole continue to make investments in renewable energy, following the demands of eco-conscious Americans. Due in part to the effort of many Americans to commission new businesses and green buildings, renewable energy is passing more and more milestones every day.

On December 6, Bloomberg New Energy Finance released news worth celebrating about. For the first time since 2004 – when the organization's recordkeeping began – the total investment in renewable energy, smart technologies and energy efficiency topped $1 trillion.

Those who want to know which business spent the dollar that helped put the movement over the mark – and send them some thorough congratulations – may not have an easy answer. According to the report, this dollar could have come from spending on a Brazilian biomass plan, a Chinese wind farm or investments in a U.S. electric vehicle company.

In total, the report found that clean energy investment has increased by nearly $200 billion a year since the time when the data began to be collected. However, by doing their part, individuals aren't just helping the economy. By investing in green businesses and buying eco-friendly products, individuals can feel empowered by their consumer actions, knowing that this spending is going to a good cause.

Recent economic reports have linked this kind of consumer spending to green jobs. For example, individuals who choose to invest in American green businesses create the need for more jobs and help draw attention to the movement as a whole. By sounding their voice loud and clear, Americans can continue to fight for green investments at the federal level as well.

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