Researchers On The Cusp Of Hydrogen Energy Storage “Breakthrough”

A new report published in Science, the American journal for peer-reviewed scientific research, suggests that a team of engineers from the University of Calgary in Canada have developed a new way for creating hydrogen that is both easier to produce and simpler to store. This holds a lot of promise in the green technology industry because of the economic potential that hydrogen could provide if it were able to be processed at a commercial rate.

According to a press release from the university, Simon Trudel and Curtis Berlinguette focused on the manufacturing of chemical catalysts specifically for energy storage. Up until now, this process has been difficult to replicate outside of the laboratory in a cost-effective way. Berlinguette said in an interview that the developments at the University of Calgary could provide a fix for this particular problem.

The catalysts they have created so far are reportedly capable of triggering reactions that are many times more efficient. Additionally, they can be made from simple iron oxides and other organic compounds, as opposed to rarer minerals that are more expensive to obtain.

"This breakthrough offers a relatively cheaper method of storing and reusing electricity produced by wind turbines and solar panels," he said. "Our work represents a critical step for realizing a large-scale, clean energy economy."

Trudel added that he and his partner have taken steps to commercialize their discovery, including setting up a company that focuses on chemical catalyst processing.

As we have discussed previously on the blog, scientific innovations like this make bringing eco-friendly products to consumers far easier than before. Stay with us for more updates on this and other breakthroughs that enable society to run more efficiently and effectively than ever before. 

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