Restaurants In NYC Reducing Food Waste

In partnership with Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office, over 100 restaurants in New York City have agreed to reduce their food waste with the goal of diverting trash from landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and expanding access to community gardens.

Mayor Bloomberg announced in a press release that the restaurant companies involved – which include Chipoltle, Cleaver Co., Juice Generation, Batali and Bastianich Hospitality and Momofuku – have agreed to reduce trash from unconsumed food in an effort to meet the city's goal of diverting 75 percent of all solid waste from landfills by 2030.

"Restaurants are a vital part of our economy and culture, and their participation in the Food Waste Challenge will help inform New Yorkers about sustainable practices and encourage their adoption," Bloomberg said in a statement.

Those participating in these efforts will be conducting waste audits that will determine the amount of trash generated by each restaurant. Once the audit is completed, each group will work to divert half of all their food garbage from landfills using various techniques including composting.

These efforts are part of a larger push, called PlaNYC, to improve the New York residents' quality of life. The goal is to combat climate change, improve the economy and "prepare the city for one million more residents", according to the PlaNYC website.

In addition to limiting food waste, the city will be promoting the construction of community gardens for city residents who had previously had limited access to fresh produce. If you are interested in maintaining a more eco-friendly lifestyle in New York City, has many great tips for becoming eco-friendly without too much difficulty. 

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