San Francisco expands its car sharing program following initial success

City CarShare, a nonprofit group dedicated to improving the lives of commuters while reducing the environmental damage caused by carbon dioxide, announced recently that the organization, in conjunction with the City of San Francisco's local government, would substantially grow its fleet of cars to meet rising demand and optimistic usage quotas.

According to an official press release from the association, 13 new plug-in and five electric vehicles would be available for use in addition to its 18 existing plug-ins and 160 hybrid engine cars. CarShare officials, in the statement, expressed hope that they would be able to meet their target of having half of their cars run purely on electricity by 2015.

"City CarShare’s expansive electric and hybrid fleet is the largest in the Bay Area and provides San Francisco residents and businesses with an environmentally-friendly choice that helps ease congestion on our city's streets and leads the way in environmental stewardship in this collaborative consumption economy," Edwin Lee, San Francisco's mayor, was quoted as saying.

The benefits of the program are reportedly already showing themselves, as, according to the organization, roughly 80 million pounds of carbon dioxide are prevented from entering the atmosphere each year as a direct result of the CarShare initiative. Additionally, its multiple locations and diverse selection of vehicles allows commuters to customize their travel methods based on their needs, a facet that ensures more people are able to use this exciting and innovative service.

While CarShare's network isn't expected to be complete until the end of the decade, you should keep an eye out for similar programs in other American cities. In a few years time, don't be surprised to see more than a few car sharing programs helping to bring down carbon dioxide levels and make metro areas a safer place to work and live.

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