Seattle Mariners push to be the greenest team in baseball

With tens of thousands of fans to accommodate for 82 games each season, Major League Baseball stadiums use a lot of energy. Following the lead of many other professional sports teams, the Seattle Mariners have announced that they've made extraordinary efforts to go green.

The M's have partnered with Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company to add 168 Panasonic HIT Double solar panels on the roof of their stadium, Safeco Field, by the first home game of the season on April 13. HIT is short for Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer, a type of solar cell that can produce higher panel efficiency than traditional cells, according to a press release.

The HIT Double panels are particularly effective because they can absorb light and generate power from both the top and the bottom of the panels, which will produce an estimated 40,000-kilowatt hours of power each year to the arena. The team said that there will be monitors throughout the park that show fans exactly how much energy is being generated by the panels at any given time.

"The installation of Panasonic's bifacial panels at Safeco Field sounds like a home run to me," environmentalist and actor Ed Begley, Jr. said in a statement.

"Safeco Field will reap many benefits with this unique solar panel system where electricity is generated from both sides. For Safeco and the Mariners, it makes economic sense to use the power of the sun to help reduce their energy costs," he added. "In addition, it puts them in the environmental forefront with their Corporate Social Responsibility program."

The panels are just one of the Mariners' environmentally friendly initiatives. Additionally, the team plans to install electric vehicle charging stations and energy efficient lighting solutions.

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