Selecting a green New Year’s resolution for 2012: Eating less red meat

While 2012 is already underway, Americans who have yet to come up with a New Year's resolution they feel confident in adhering to may want to consider making a pledge to decrease their carbon footprint this year. By taking this approach, green consumers can spread the word about their decision when friends and family ask them about what they have planned for 2012.

After all, while buying environmentally friendly products and investing in green housing upgrades can beneficial, creating lasting habits that can benefit not only yourself, but also the environment, may be the best long-term initiative green consumers can make. That's why one resolution these individuals may want to consider is going red meat free.

This approach can be a suitable resolution for those who don't want to forgo all types of meat and convert to vegetarianism or vegan-ism. Individuals who choose to make this resolution may find it a great alternative to other lifestyle choices, as they can still enjoy other meats such as chicken, fish and vegetables.

Another way for consumers to help reduce the carbon footprint from meat production without substantially changing their diet is for them to engage in popular practices such as Meatless Monday, a movement that encourages individuals to think about their meat consumption and its effects on the environment.

Recent studies have shown that cow carbon from food production is a major contributor to global warming, as carbon is emitted at nearly every stage of the milk and meat production process from the growing of crops for feed to the cows' ultimate retail distribution. As a result, by simply reducing their meat consumption even one day a week, green-minded individuals can ensure that their resolution helps enact change in 2012.

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