Self-powered tower being built in NYC

On August 15, Voltaic Solaire, a clean-energy development firm, announced that its new Delta Project building, which initially broke ground in Brooklyn, New York, in 2010, is set for its September unveiling. The construction initiative, its designers say, has resulted in a property that creates its own sources of energy.

Through the use of solar panels and wind-capturing turbines, the Delta Project will generate enough power to provide itself with electricity, heat and hot water. According to green technology news source Inside Climate News, the design was initially rejected by contractors due to the challenges posed by the project.

The Delta Project incorporates a number of methods to cut down on energy consumption. One innovative feature is the placement of empty space between the concrete structure and the brick facade, which traps air. This helps to cut down on oil and gas expenditure during the winter months by acting as insulation for the building. Eighty solar panels cover two sides of the building, collecting the sun's energy, and any excess electricity is then sold to the local power grid.

Excitement and notoriety surrounding the building caught the attention of energy firm Soluxe Solar, which awards a weekly designation, the Solar Flare, to recognize leaders in the renewable energy field. As a result of its 100 percent efficiency and self-powering technology, Voltaic Solaire has received the company's prestigious award.

"For many years urban green design was defined by what people said couldn't be done," Soluxe Solar CEO Jeffrey Mayer said in a statement. "Rather than being defined by limitations, The Delta highlights the incredible possibilities for urban green construction when ingenuity and determination combine and companies come together to create something revolutionary."

While the unveiling isn't until this fall, according to Voltaic Solaire, the construction initiative is already influencing other designers who may incorporate some of the Delta Project's groundbreaking methods.

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