Senator Proposes $5 Billion Green Jobs Bill

Hoping to spur job growth in the U.S. green energy sector, Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet submitted a piece of legislation earlier this month which would direct federal dollars toward initiatives that offer education and career opportunities to qualified Americans. The bill, known as the Clean Energy Race To The Top Act, establishes a $5 billion grant program that would be used to extend incentives to private sector organizations, local governments and state agencies that take steps to the grow the green economy.

The proposed law, which Bennet said in a statement would be fully funded by existing government dollars, would reward communities that institute renewable energy benchmarks for towns and cities, construct power-saving buildings and participate in efforts to lower the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Federal grants would also be extended to participants that develop so-called climate action plans, which establish protocols for dealing with global warming and a changing environment.

"The United States is primed to lead the way toward a clean energy economy that will create jobs right here at home," Bennet said in a statement. "This bill encourages leadership and innovation by relying on the creativity and ingenuity of our local energy businesses and state and local governments. It incentivizes states to take advantage of the clean energy technologies being developed in our backyards and to put together dynamic plans to create a clean and diverse energy portfolio in this country. Best of all, it will create jobs in the U.S. and help end our dependence on foreign oil." 

Bennet's proposed law, which was also submitted during the last Congressional session, is not guaranteed passage. However, this development highlights the fact that there remains serious interest in a large-scale investment in America's green economy. Stay with the blog for more details on this topic as they develop. 

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