Shrinking shorelines causing problems all over the world

There's been a lot of talk in the past few decades about the preservation of beaches, as a number of notable locations are starting to erode due to rising ocean levels and vicious storms that have ripped apart their sandy foundations. If people aren't going green and love going to the beach, they may want to take another second and think about their lifestyle before they let their car idle for 20 minutes for no particular reason.

In particular, California's Goleta Beach County Park, a two hour drive north of Los Angeles, has experienced such significant erosion that the there is a debate whether to build a 500-foot wooden defense on the beach or to completely abandon it altogether, according to a recent article from the The Associated Press.

While there have been talks of moving parking lots and underground utility lines, the thought is that with global warming progressing so rapidly and already failed attempts to slow erosion, the battle versus the rising seas may be one that's impossible to overcome.

"The issue of whether to stay or flee is being confronted around the globe," the article states. "Places experimenting with retreat have adopted various strategies. In Britain, for example, several sites along the Essex coast have deliberately breached sea walls to create salt marshes, which act as a natural barrier to flooding."

On America's east coast, laws have been enacted to prevent development within a particular distance from the Atlantic Ocean. Up in Alaska, entire communities have been left with no option but to relocate to areas that are at higher elevations. Some of Hawaii's beaches are getting smaller as the tides encroach on the land, and relocation has been talked about there as well.

There shouldn't be much more incentive to go green than contributing to the betterment of the earth, but if beach-lovers need one, they have it now.

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