Small businesses finding success through green initiatives

Just like individuals, businesses have been going green for a number of reasons.

Just like individuals, businesses have been going green for a number of reasons. By reducing their impact on the environment, organizations are not only more appealing to consumers, they are also saving a lot of money on energy costs.

A recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine highlighted the recognition small businesses have garnered for their eco-friendly efforts as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a list of companies that voluntarily have taken on clean energy initiatives. To qualify, organizations must use solar, wind or low-impact hydropower.

The source indicated that Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corporation were among the largest users of green energy sources in terms of kilowatt-hours, but small businesses, on the other hand, were most prominent on the EPA's list of organizations that run entirely off of green power.

One company that the publication featured in the story was MOM's Organic Market, which is run by Scott Nash and operates out of Rockville, Maryland. He explained that his company has very high customer and employee retention rates, which he believes can be attributed to MOM's green initiatives. And according to the Charis Egland-Smith, the person in charge of the company's environmental programs, the cost of going green hasn't been an issue.

"For a small business to say 'We are 100 percent green power,' because their total electric loads are fairly small given that they are in fact a small business, the ultimate absolute marginal cost tends not to be very high," says Collison. "'We are 100 percent green power' is such a valuable message, that they find it is compelling." 

Businesses that are interested in going green can speak with their local energy provider to go through their options. If they can't help out, business owners can visit the EPA's Green Power Locator here.

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