Smart Coming To A City Near You

Smart, makers of the famous compact cars with low carbon footprints and numerous customization options, is taking its newest electric vehicle on tour to urban areas across the United States. The eleven-city tour, called funtestdrive tour, kicks off in Santa Monica with an event featuring music performances and complimentary food prepared by celebrity chefs Chris Jacobsen and Lee Ann Wong, according to a news release by the company. Attendees at each event will have the chance to test the smart electric drive, smart's plug-in, full-electric model with an estimated mileage of 122 miles per gallon equivalent (mpge).

After the initial gathering in Southern California, the tour will move on to Portland, Ore., (May 2-3), San Francisco, Calif., (May 11-12), San Diego, Calif., (May 18-19), Dallas, Texas, (May 25-26), Atlanta, Ga., (June 1-2), Miami, Fla., (June 8-9), Washington, D.C., (June 15-16), Hoboken, N.J., (June 22-23), Brooklyn, N.Y.,(June 29-30) and Chicago, Ill. (July 6-7).

The smart electric drive is the firm's entry into the full-electric market, which includes the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf. In addition to its considerable mileage benefits, the smart electric drive features the company's signature compact, two-seater design and the patented tridion safety cell, a system that acts similarly to the roll cages found in racing vehicles. In a collision, the tridion safety cell will distribute energy throughout the entire frame of the vehicle, protecting the passengers inside.

Smart is also famous for its customization options, particularly when it comes to paint jobs.

The smart electric drive retails for $25,000 before factoring in local, state and federal tax credits. This makes it the most inexpensive plug-in electric vehicle currently available. For more information on the funtestdrive tour, visit will continue to bring you the latest news on the electric vehicle industry and environmentally friendly products.

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