Smart transportation systems could help create new green careers

Americans looking for work in the automotive sector may soon be able to rely on new openings fueled by the creation of smart transportation systems in cities around the United States. A newly published report suggests an influx of capital in certain sectors of this industry could soon create a number of sustainable green careers.

According to the market forecasting firm Pike Research, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) will see increased investment over the next five years. The report, which was released by the organization on December 7, indicates that ITS will see investments totaling upwards of $13 billion between 2011 and 2017.

The keys to this growth, according to the report, will be embedded intelligence that allows the vehicles of everyday Americans to communicate with transportation management systems via vehicle-to-vehicle safety technology. Overall, these advances are expected to provide a number of benefits for the environment, including reduced emissions and decreased fuel consumption.

"Most of this investment will be in intelligent traffic management systems, as this is the sector with the broadest range of potential applications," Lisa Jerram, a senior analyst, said in the press release. "It is also the sector that is applicable for all cities, and cities in the developed world are starting to deploy technology for traffic management, monitoring and demand management."

New jobs are expected to be created as the high-tech system requires professionals to ensure the maintenance and management of its basic operation systems. As such, individuals who are looking for an exciting new career may benefit by conducting research into the kinds of certifications that will be required of professionals in these positions.

In another recent report, Pike Research predicted that green career growth will also be seen in the electric vehicle sector, as more infrastructure upgrades are expected to take place in this area of the automotive industry.

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