Solar Electric Scooter Produces Zero Emissions, Gets You Where You Need To Go

Almost everyone has encountered motorized scooters and bicycles when walking through a city.

Almost everyone has encountered motorized scooters and bicycles when walking through a city. They're a fairly convenient mode of transportation for someone who wants a quicker commute, but doesn't want to worry about parking. These vehicles have their drawbacks though. They're typically noisy, and they have to be fueled with the same gasoline that goes in cars, which produces pollution, albeit in smaller amounts than an automobile.

However, Solar Electric Scooters, Inc. (SES) has produced a solar-powered scooter, which runs off a photovoltaic panel and a lithium ion battery. The scooter produces zero emissions when running off energy from the sun, and when the weather is cloudy, it can be plugged into a wall outlet. If there isn't an electrical socket nearby, the battery detaches and can be carried anywhere.

On a full charge, the scooter has a range of 20 miles and can reach speeds up to 15 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds.

SES is trying to raise money to bring their scooter to the mass market through a crowd-funding campaign on When You Wish. The list price of the vehicle is a little high – purchasing one will set you back $2,100 –  but it's easy to imagine making that money back by saving on gasoline and transportation costs.

The company will give scooters from the first production line to anyone who donates $1,500, which amounts to a pretty steep discount considering the sticker price.

It will be interesting to see if SES is successful in bringing their product to more customers. Keep checking back with for more news about environmentally friendly products.

5 thoughts on “Solar Electric Scooter Produces Zero Emissions, Gets You Where You Need To Go”

  1. Hello Thatcher:
    Thanks so much for writing about our Solar Electric Scooter. We believe that there are many more smart people out there than there are in here. So if you have suggestions or tips for us, we would love to hear them.

    Also, please let us know if there are ways we can assist you in your business and writing.

  2. Thank you Thatcher for getting our word out.
    We are proud of our Solar Electric Scooter.
    We were looking for a great idea to short range transportation.
    The solar scooter can be charged in three ways, plug it in using the on board 2amp charger, Let the sun charge the scooters battery ( for each full sun hour the scooter is left in the sun unshaded it gains one mile range to your ride time),
    third you can pull out the 36 volt 15 Amp Hour battery and bring the battery anywhere you choose that has a 120 volt plug and use the included external 3Amp charger for an even faster charge time. When removing the battery the scooter is disabled. This is a theft deterant, as it will not run.
    The SES will pay for itself when considering the cost of gas, if driven 8 miles a day five day a week for a year, the ROI is fantastic. This does not even consider the fact that you are not requird to have insurance, registration fees, and in most cases it is free to park. Try to find a sunny area and keep the scooter out of the shade for best charge results.
    The above facts are based on California laws which consider the Solar Electric Scooter Street Legal, as long as you where a helmet,ride in the bike lane to right hand side of the street and follow all traffic laws as bicycles do.
    I can be reached at

  3. We still have fantastic deals on the the scooter at
    Remember we are an open source based company and
    are open to all suggestions.
    We donate a minimum of 2% toward free Solar Scooters for
    Well deserved Students. We also donate to a list of worthy causes, please go to our website to find out more.
    We are creating a lease program if enough people are willing.
    This will allow the riders to get their scooter and not have so much out of pocket start up costs.

  4. Thatcher
    We are ready to receive our first 100 scooters in August. Red, Black and Blue.
    These are so incredible as we have went through every detail and are so proud of what we have come up with. The Solar Street Surfers are equipped with an USB port add on, GPS tracker add on and the ability to add two more solar modules to the scooter for three times the charging power. Think of the possibilities. Being able to rely on the sun for all your fun and transportation. follow us on face book and twitter just go to our web site and see the new videos and give us a shout out to you friends and spread the word. Word! #SESITONY
    solarscootersinc on face book We are all over at fairs, parks and events all around the world as we send out our first ten to Supporters in other Countries.

  5. Thatcher we would love to keep up to date with the Solar Electric Scooter,
    If I send some of our current events up to and some new pictures, would you keep our project up to date?
    We have sold over half of our first order of 100.
    we have spread them all over the world. Canada, London, France, China, Australia.
    Also we have hit many people State side including, Maryland, Arizona and all up and down the coast and inland California.
    We landed the Solar Electric Scooter on two episodes of ” Two and A Half Men” Episodes 238 and 239. We have aired on the” Price is Right” and ” Lets make a deal”. Pretty Cool!

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