Solar power education coming to classrooms in Arizona, California

The SunPower Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of solar panels, announced today that it would be launching its SunPower Solar Science Academy initiative this summer. The program, which, according to the company, will reach 140 students across six Arizona and California school district, is meant to foster education in the areas of science and technology.

Participants in the week-long class attend lectures on renewable energy technology conducted by professionals from the industry and go on field trips to visit solar power facilities to see the real-world application of what they are studying. Students also take part in experiments related to solar power, utilizing problem-solving skills to come up with solutions.

"The engaging coursework provided by SunPower and CCEP allows students to explore the practical applications of solar technology, inspiring them to consider the rewards and benefits of pursuing technical and engineering careers," Dr. Duane Crum, a Californian education advocate, was quoted as saying in SunPower's press statement.

SunPower, in addition to providing the curriculum and education framework for the program, will also be working with the school systems to upgrade existing power networks to make them more environmentally friendly. Engineers for the company will install solar panels, electricity lines and coolant systems.

"California schools are expected to achieve up to $1.5 billion in savings on their electricity bills over the next 30 years as a result of on-site solar power systems," Billy Kelly, the managing director of the energy company, added in the statement.

SunPower plans to continue its education outreach initiative beyond the summer curriculum by offering tools and resources through Project Lead the Way, a California-based non-profit education advocacy group that aims to promote science and engineering jobs for students. With luck, the combined efforts will result in more people trying to pursue green careers.

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