Solar-Powered Portable Electrical Outlet Sticks To Windows

As environmentally conscious consumers integrate more electronics into their daily lives, they face a challenge in trying to enjoy the benefits of these devices without increasing their energy consumption and contributing to global warming. One of the ways they can avoid this conundrum is by finding ways to derive some of the electricity their gadgets need from solar energy.

Yanko Design, an online visual arts magazine, has details on a new product available overseas that make virtually all electronics and appliances into solar-powered devices. The Window Socket, by designers Kyuho Song & Boa Oh, uses a suction cup to stick to a window, and features small photovoltaic cells that draw energy from the sun and convert it to electricity.

Users can then plug their phones, iPods and other electronics into the standard electrical outlet provided to run off of the Window Socket.

It also contains a small battery that can be charged when nothing is plugged in, so that you always have a supply of electricity when there are no outlets available.

The device isn't for sale in the United States yet, but it's easy to imagine this becoming a popular choice for just about any user, especially people who travel frequently and find themselves with dead batteries on airplane flights. A traveler armed with the Window Socket could attach it to their plane window and get more life out of their mobile devices. will keep an eye out for the Window Socket to show up in U.S. markets. Check back with us often for more information and news about environmentally friendly products.

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