South Dakota company makes green energy more personal

When you think renewable energy sources, your mind undoubtedly leaps a field spotted with towering wind turbines, or an industrial roof lined with large solar panels. However, one innovative company in South Dakota could change your notion of alternative energy for good.

According to an official press release, Peppermint Energy has been awarded the Solar Flare award by Solar Soluxe. The Connecticut-based industry leader has recognized the Sioux Falls, SD, operation for giving people the opportunity to harness green technology on an individual level.

The business has devised a groundbreaking desktop-size unit called the Forty2 – a name playfully inspired by Douglas Adams' famous "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" – that collects and stores solar power for personal use.

"It combines power generation (solar), power storage (Lithium Ion batteries), power inversion (power cord ready) and efficiency monitory (brains) in one mobile unit," the company website states. "Truly a Utility In A Box."

The president of Solar Soluxe, Jeffrey Mayer, praised the company for developing a product that took reneweable energy from an industrial stage to a domestic one.

An added benefit of these personal devices, according to the company's website, is that they provide owners with an incomparable freedom – not just from oil companies, but from electrical outlets as well. Once charged, a Forty2 unit can be used as an independent energy source anywhere.

"It's a solution that embraces self-reliance and a better, simpler, cleaner future for generations to come," the product description explains.

Solar Soluxe first announced its weekly Solar Flare award in July of this year. The title is intended to recognize companies that have accomplished significant technological gains in solar power, as well as drawing more attention to a range of innovative ways to use this green technology in everyday life.

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