States Celebrate National Plug In Day

States across the country celebrated National Plug In Day last weekend, drawing attention to the growing market segment of electric plug in vehicles (EV), both all-electric models such as the Nissan Leaf and hybrids like the Chevrolet Volt. Over 35,000 people attended events in 98 cities where they could test drive these vehicles and learn about the benefits of switching to cleaner operating automobiles.

National Plug In Day wasn't just about marketing, however. EarthTechling, an environmental news site, reports that several governors signed legislation meant to encourage the purchase of such vehicles, particularly in California, where Governor Jerry Brown has been supportive of green living and renewable energy programs.

Among the many bills that were signed into law in California were a renewal of the white and green sticker programs, which allow the owners of hybrid vehicles to use the HOV lanes on highways. Governor Brown also signed the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Open Access Act, which allows for the expansion of the state's network of EV charging stations and making these more accessible.

Additionally, the governor of Vermont announced new incentives for installing charging stations at an event in Burlington, Vermont, and Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chaffee celebrated the opening of 50 stations in that state.

The growth of the EV industry continues to depend on subsidies from the federal government and the expansion of charging networks Events like Plug In Day are essential to promoting clean automobile technology and raising awareness about the ways they can help improve the environment and mitigate the threat of anthropogenic climate change.

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