Tens of thousands of jobs created in wind, solar industries, says clean energy advocacy group

According to green technology lobbying group Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), the renewable energy industry is experiencing a modest boom in terms of hiring. The group estimated in a recent report entitled "Clean Energy Jobs Roundup" that nearly 35,000 jobs could be created in the second quarter of this year alone thanks to accommodative tax credits and a greater awareness of the benefits of clean electricity.

In the report, E2 researchers broke their results down by state. California, which is known to have a more aggressive renewable energy policy than other states, has 16 projects slated to begin in the next year that could yield 20,879 jobs. Florida, which reported three initiatives that are shovel-ready, could create as many as 8,000 energy-related jobs in the state.

"The good news is that despite the challenging economic and political environment, the clean energy industry is still creating badly needed American jobs all across the country," Judith Albert, E2's executive director, said in a press release.

However, the organization cautioned that shifting political winds could derail the improvements in the renewable energy sector. The Production Tax Credit program, a key component of the Obama administration's stimulus package that included similar initiatives to boost production, is scheduled to expire at the end of this year. While there is bipartisan support behind a reauthorization bill, Congress' failure to pass it could send many projects back to the drawing board.

Despite the potential setbacks, it seems that many states are pushing ahead on pursuing clean energy resources without comprehensive federal support. While the final outcome is uncertain, it's clear that wind and solar power sources are here to stay.

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