The Zumaround: The next generation of scootering

Remember the Razor scooter? This child-sized mode of transportation sparked a cultural phenomenon that, if anyone who was paying attention in the early 2000s remembers, was gone as quickly as it arrived. However, the inspiration behind that product – the classic two-wheeled scooter – remained, and has led to several interesting inventions.

One of the most notable creations is a recent product that comes from Kickstart Scooters, a company based in Toronto, Canada. Known as the Zumaround, this electric-powered vehicle is based on the frame of an old-school kick scooter. Capable of speeds up to 20 miles per hour, this vehicle is great for getting around town without wasting gasoline while sitting in traffic. It's powered by a lithium-manganese battery that feeds its energy into a 250 watt hub DC motor.

According to the Zumaround website, the creators sought to make a product that would appeal to two demographics: those who include pushing themselves around on an ergonomically-designed scooter and those who want a little bit of extra oomph as they cruise around town.

"Whether you’re kicking a scooter or pedaling a bike, many riders are challenged when going up hills or riding into strong winds," Gideon Tomaschoff, Kickstart Scooters' president, said in a press statement. "I wanted to improve my riding experience and arrive at my destination without being out of breath or sweaty, which is how the idea of an electric-assist system came to be."

Pricing for the Zumaround starts at $1,250, and comes in red, blue, yellow and green varieties. While this price tag may seem steep for some, this vehicle enables riders to avoid having to use their car or truck if they are heading to the post office or a nearby friend's house. With its catchy name and low-energy mode of transport, you may soon see more of these scooting around your neighborhood.

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