Three Easy Green New Year’s Resolutions

Making New Year’s resolutions is sometimes a futile task.

Making New Year's resolutions is sometimes a futile task. We all plan to lose weight once the new year arrives, but then after a few months it becomes clear that working out is just as difficult in February as it was in November. But rather than giving up, try sticking with these green tips in 2014 that will lead to a healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle:

  • Don't drink bottled water: Tap water is cheaper, cleaner and doesn't come in disposable bottles that riddle landfills. Keep reusable drinking containers around and simply refill them rather than purchasing bottled water at a store.
  • Eat less meat: The meat industry is an environmental catastrophe. Raising cattle, pigs and chickens requires massive amounts of energy and generates colossal amounts of waste. Antibiotics are overused, which leads to the creation of resistant bacteria strains that could cause an epidemic. If you're not up to the task of becoming a vegetarian, try limiting your meat consumption to once every two weeks and getting your protein needs from plant sources.
  • Take the bus: There's simply no reason anyone should make trips of less than two miles with their own vehicle (unless a bus route isn't available). Take public transit for trips where it is feasible, and encourage your friends to do the same. You'll use less gas and your carbon footprint will be much lower.

In fact, all three of these resolutions will be easier to stick with if your friends adopt these changes too, so try making your going green ideas a social activity!

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