Three Foods You Should Avoid To Stay Green And Healthy

Now is about the time that many people begin to deviate from their New Years resolution to eat healthier and lose weight. It's understandable, given how much self-control dieting really requires. Rather than foregoing your resolution completely and reverting to old ways, it may be a good idea to scale down your diet plans and focus on three foods that are particularly unhealthy.

Here are some items that you may want to consider cutting from your meals altogether:

  • Alcohol: Drinking provides no nutritional benefit, and wreaks havoc on your heart and liver over time. If you simply can't do without the occasional cocktail, consider cutting back your consumption to once a week or even once a month.
  • Dairy: Humans are the only animals that eat dairy after infancy. There's just not much reason to consume significant amounts of milk, cheese, butter and other items (other than the fact that they taste good). If you still want to satisfy that dairy craving, try substituting soy or almond milk products, which have no cholesterol or saturated fat.
  • Processed meats: It's difficult to overstate the number of health problems that are caused by eating too much meat. It leads to higher cholesterol levels and has even been shown to contribute to a higher likelihood of developing Alzheimer's Disease, according to It's also hard to find a food product that is less environmentally friendly, as livestock farms make significant contributions to greenhouse gas emissions.

The important thing to remember is that although you might go through withdrawal for a few days after cutting out these items, eventually your body will adjust. In the end you'll feel much better, and if you stick with the plan you'll start to see the scale go down fairly quickly!

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