Turning a cluttered closet into green-friendly wardrobe

Rather than hanging on to old clothes you don’t wear, it’s easy to find new uses for them.

It's easy for men and women alike to get carried away when shopping for clothes. As a result, they often find that their closets are filled to the brim with items that they don't wear anymore. But, rather than hanging onto those superhero shirts and six inch heels, it's easy to find new uses for them, and maybe even turn them into money that can be spent on environmentally friendly products.

Donate them. Bringing your old clothes to a local thrift store like Goodwill or Salvation Army is a great way to get rid of all those Christmas sweaters and corduroy shorts. You probably couldn't be paid a reasonable sum of money to wear them again, but someone else might be willing to buy it from a thrift store at a small cost. While you're technically donating your goods, you can receive a hefty tax deduction for the estimated value of the clothes.

Pass them on. For every person who frowns on the idea of hand-me-downs, there's another who realizes that it's silly to turn down free clothes. Chances are, there's someone you know that would be more than willing to take an old suit or prom dress off your hands, or even pay for the item.

Recycle them. Whether it be your collection of concert tees or 5K race shirts, it can be hard to part ways with some old t-shirts even though you have no intention of ever wearing them again. Instead of keeping them in a box in your closet, you can send them to one of the dozens of companies that will make you a custom quilt of your shirt collection, or you can do it yourself.

Sell them. Some things are just too unique or expensive to give to a friend or thrift store, but if they are that special, you can bet someone else wants it and will pay you almost what you originally paid (or sometimes even more) if you sell it online. 

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