U.K. student designs one-of-a-kind green vacuum

Jake Tyler’s eco-friendly cleaner has earned him global recognition.

Going green and saving money oftentimes go hand in hand. The popularity of environmentally-friendly products is growing every day as more and more consumers realize the multitude of benefits they can experience by leading a green lifestyle. Because of this expanding interest in eco-friendly items, manufacturers are working hard to come up with innovative, energy efficient products.

Even young people are jumping on board now, and are making impactful contributions to the green technology industry. A student at Loughborough University, Jake Tyler, in a collaborative effort with vacuum maker Vax, designed a product in his final year of studies that has earned him global recognition.

According to British newspaper, the Leicester Mercury, Tyler blue-printed the Vax Eco Vac, which is constructed of sustainable goods such as cardboard. He explained to the source that roughly 100 trillion kilograms of trash is contributed to landfills in the United Kingdom every year, and they are reaching capacity.

With that alarming statistic in mind, he looked to lessen the number and in order to do that, he developed the Eco Vac.

"We need to find new ways to make the consumer goods we need, without creating so much waste," he told the media outlet. "The Vax Eco Vac is a fully functioning, high-powered vacuum cleaner but, as it's made from recycled and recyclable materials, it's totally sustainable too."

And, he's not the only one who thinks so. Tyler earned a first class honors degree when he graduated last year, and was hired to work as a full-time engineer with Vax, the Mercury stated. Additionally, Tyler's green cleaner has made it to the final round of the 2012 International Design Excellence Awards, which is organized by the International Design Society of America.

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