UPS Unveiling All-Electric Delivery Vehicles In California

UPS, one of the nation’s largest private delivery services, is rolling out a fleet of electric commercial vehicles in California. According to a press release from the company, the 100 trucks are expected to both save it money and reduce the amount of pollution it creates.

UPS forecasted that it will use 126,000 less gallons of gasoline per year as a result of this pilot program. With a range of 75 miles, the vehicles are ideal for metro areas. The fleet is an addition to the 2,500 energy-efficient trucks that UPS already operates. While many of them are gas-electric hybrid models, the company stated that it intends to use the results of this initiative to test the viability of all-electric delivery systems. 

California Governor Jerry Brown hailed UPS’ efforts in a statement, which was given in conjunction with a recent state executive order for more low- and zero-emission cars and trucks. 

“These all-electric vehicles remind us that California continues to be a dynamic center of innovation,” the governor said. “These trucks were built here, they’ll be driven here and they’re already changing the way business is done here – cutting emissions and eliminating the need for tanker trucks’ worth of fossil fuels.”

UPS worked in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which helped provide funding and technological support to the company. Several municipal organizations responsible for local energy efficiency advocacy and oversight. In a statement, the EPA pledged “commitment to the rapid deployment of electric vehicles as a means of cleaning the air, creating jobs and spurring innovation.”

These developments highlight the ways that green energy sources are being used to power the necessary infrastructure in our economy in increasingly bigger ways. Stay with the blog for more news and updates on these and other important topics.

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