What Are The Most Environmentally Friendly Airlines?

With the holidays just around the corner, millions of Americans are going to be traveling to visit relatives and friends in other parts of the country. For consumers of environmentally friendly products, this is the perfect opportunity to support those businesses that make an effort to perform their operations in such a way that they create minimal ecological impact and limit their environmental footprint.

The best way to support green business this time of year is to select a responsible and sustainably run airline. Which companies succeed in this area?

  • Virgin America is, hands down, one of the greenest airlines you can choose. To begin with, they're new, which means that their fleet is made up of planes that have been constructed in the last decade, a period during which airplanes have become increasingly fuel efficient. They also have a comprehensive recycling program and a goal of diverting 50 percent of their waste from landfills. They even offer passengers the option of offsetting their carbon emissions from flying.
  • When it comes to flying in Europe, it's hard to beat Air France. Environmental news site Greenopia picked Air France as its management has shown a strong commitment to biofuels and recycling.

It's important to keep in mind that many airlines pursue these goals not because they're altruistic, but because they see the potential for reducing expenses, and increasing profits, by using less fuel and fewer natural resources in their operations. But it's still a good idea to reward those companies that make an effort with your business, rather than encouraging the bad habits of companies that haven't gotten on board with environmental issues.

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