What Can Be Grown With Hydroponics?

Last week we discussed the ins and outs of aquaponics, the horticulture method that involves raising fish and plants in the same symbiotic system.

Last week we posted about DIY Aquaponics, the horticulture method that involves raising fish and plants in the same symbiotic system. But one topic we didn’t really go over is the types of plants you can grow using aquaponics (as well as hydroponics, which is the same thing without the fish).

In fact, just about any plant can be grown hydroponically. While it’s unlikely that you’re going to be raising fruit trees in a hydroponic tank, virtually any other small to medium sized flora, including flowers, herbs, vegetables and legumes, will work nicely in even a basic indoor system.

It’s best to first decide your priorities as a horticulturalist. If you’re just looking to brighten up your living areas with some nice color or decorate your garden, then a hydroponically raised flowers would be perfect. If instead you’re hoping for organic, efficiently-grown veggies, you could very easily make that your focus as well. Typically, the best plants to use are tomatoes, lettuce and others that don’t take up a lot of space or require a trellis for vines.

Using either a hydroponics or aquaponics system, you’ll experience a number of benefits that simply aren’t possible with a traditional soil garden. Plants grown with these methods require far less space and reach maturity approximately 30 to 50 percent faster according to Green Trees Hydroponics, a supply company. By raising a more condensed garden, you’ll harvest more vegetables at one time, more quickly. Furthermore, such a system requires no pesticides and reduces water usage considerably, making your garden both sustainable and cost-effective.

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