What’s The Best Potting Soil For Your Indoor Garden?

Not all potting mixes are created equal.

Recently we blogged about how to go about creating your own indoor garden. One of the steps in the process is to select a potting soil that will help nurture your plants and ensure that they grow healthily. But not all potting mixes are created equal. Some can be more caustic to your plants in the long run, while others are manufactured in ways that aren't sustainable or environmentally-friendly.

Probably one of the most popular potting soil mixes is made from peat moss. This mix is terrific for growing plants, particularly if you're just putting together a garden that will only last one season. But peat is harvested from old growth forests and swamps in Canada and the southern United States, and the methods by which the peat is extracted can cause long-term damage to these areas.

Your best bet, if you're looking for the most environmentally friendly products, is to purchase peat-less soil mix. These are typically produced using organic materials and methods that forego the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. They do a great job of retaining moisture, and they're aerated enough that you won't have to worry about your plants not getting enough oxygen. One great brand to check out is Organic Mechanics potting soil, which uses compost and coconut coir. This soil has more nutrients than conventional potting mix, and is manufactured with recycled materials.

By using environmentally-friendly soil, you'll get healthier plants, and you won't be exposing members of your household to harmful chemicals. You'll also be supporting an industry that does its part to make sure natural resources are not exhausted!

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