Why Are Natural Beauty Products Better?

Natural beauty products are some of the best eco friendly gifts that you can buy someone.

Natural beauty products are some of the best eco friendly gifts that you can buy someone. There are tons of companies now that are producing lotions, shampoos, conditioners and makeup that are made from holistic ingredients rather than synthetic chemicals created in a lab. 

There are many reasons to purchase natural cosmetic items over those that you would find in a typical department store. Babble.com, a lifestyle website, recently listed some of the biggest reasons:

  • Artisanal production: Because the companies that make natural beauty products are typically smaller operations, they put more thought and care into making their small-batch items. This usually means you get something that was produced by hand, not a machine.
  • Fewer chemicals: As we said earlier, natural products have no abrasive, toxic chemicals that can cause health problems down the road.
  • Less is more: While you may have to replace that bottle of unnatural shampoo every few weeks, natural products can be used more sparingly and provide the same effects.
  • No filler: You can generally rely on natural products to provide you with a more pure, unadulterated consistency that provides better value. These products won't have filler that is meant to dilute and lessen the effect of the product so that you'll have to keep buying more.
  • Sustainability: If you're concerned about the environmental impact of such items and whether or not they were tested on animals, you can rest assured that natural beauty products are almost always produced and tested responsibly and sustainable. Make sure to check the label!

There are many brands that make natural, organic beauty products. They include Seventh Generation (known more for their cleaning supplies), 100% Pure and Balanced Guru. Pick one of these great brands up at your local organic store or online!

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