World’s largest wind turbine moves towards commercial usage

As wind farms move closer to large-scale deployment off of American coastlines, German manufacturing giant Siemens is taking advantage of a changing regulatory climate by creating a mammoth turbine that dwarfs any model previously built.

One blade of the giant wind machine measures approximately 75 meters, or 246 feet long, which is roughly the size of a A380's total wing span. The justification for the length lies in the fact that the larger the span of the turbine, the more power that is generated as the wind causes it to move. The potential power catch from an ocean-based version of this design is what prompted Siemens to plan and build the machine.

In addition, the company utilized a production process known as QuantumBlade that significantly reduces the material usage and weight of the turbines. According to Siemens, the blade is approximately 20 percent lighter than other comparable models, allowing the builders of the support towers and foundations to cut down on costs due to the reduced pressure from the turbine.

When activated, the machine is estimated as being capable of producing 6 megawatts of power. Currently, Siemens is deploying test models in Denmark to test the environmental durability during operation. From there, the company reports that it has a contract with Danish and British energy providers to construct hundreds of Siemens turbines for ocean placement.

These developments are sure to impact the renewable energy debate taking place on this side of the Atlantic, where politicians and policy makers continue to discuss the pros and cons of a comprehensive eco-friendly power strategy. With states like Massachusetts and California moving towards offshore wind farms, the future of clean electricity have never looked greener.

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