Worried About Allergies This Winter? Watch What You Eat

Those who suffer from allergies tend to see their symptoms flare up in the winter.

Those who suffer from allergies tend to see their symptoms flare up in the winter. As a result, people who rely on an inhaler to keep their asthma in check or moisturizers to prevent eczema may have been using these products more heavily in the last few months. In addition to using these remedies, people with allergies should also consider how what they're eating may be contributing to the problem.

A recent article in Business Standard provides some insight into which food items will exacerbate allergies and which will improve them. They advise that those dealing with asthma, bronchitis and other illnesses that can result from intense allergic reactions eat foods that boost their immune system.

"Allergy is a reflection of reduced immunity," Ravindra Gupta, an internal medicine consultant at Columbia Asia Hospital, said in a statement. "To improve immunity, fruits rich in vitamin C such as oranges, sweet lime and lemon should be incorporated into the diet."

The article also recommends lowering intake of dairy, bananas and cucumbers, as these items tend to inflame allergy conditions.

The thing to remember about allergies is that they're often made worse by environmental factors, some of which can be controlled but others not. Cigarette smoking is disastrous for people with allergies, and if someone in your home suffers from asthma, you should absolutely refrain from smoking inside. Smog and exhaust from cars can also inflame these conditions, so if you live near a highway or heavily congested area, consider installing an air purifier and adhering to the diet described above.

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